Using pyRevit in RevitPythonShell

Hi all,

I’m having trouble importing pyrevit inside of the revit python shell. I get the following errors:

As per this forum post, I’m attempting to add in the path to pyrevit library:


Any hint as to what might be going on would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

Some other potentially useful details:

  • Utilizing pyRevit tools from the toolbar seems to work just fine
  • In Revit 2021

Ironpython 2.7.7 means you are using old pyrevit release. Have you tried with the latest release with the 2711 engine?

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And an old version of RPS which necessarily doesn’t help

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Since I am stuck using Revit 2021, I assumed RPS and pyrevit installations from around that time period would be most compatible. I will try reinstalling more up to date versions of the add-ins. Thanks for the suggestions @jpitts @Jean-Marc

Using the latest installer still allowed me to run RPS for Revit 2021 and fixed the issue. My guess is a .NET version difference. Thanks again!

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