Set Crop Region to Selected Shape

Hi there!
Does this script work for Elevation view as well?
I got the following error:

@S1ARHEI Hi, Welcome
you ‘issue’ is more suited for the github issue module of the code repository for pyRevit
And please, provide details and eventually a sample file to reproduce the issue

Create a new bug report for pyRevit

sorry, but Idk what else I can provide: this is an elevation view placed on a sheet, the rvt file is quite big to share… I was wondering that there is some problem either with Elevation view or detail lines placed on the sheet (rectangular)

I checked the code, and it is not designed to set crop for Elevation properly as it does not process the coordinates of the viewport elevation correctly in this coordinate system.

If anyone wants to handle the task at hand to fix it: Set Crop Region to Shape (Sheets) does not crop Elevations · Issue #1913 · eirannejad/pyRevit · GitHub


Fixed by @Nicholas.Miles :champagne: :clap: :rocket:

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