"I dare you" - Take 3 : Fix the tool "set crop region to selected shape" to work with Elevations

Third edition of the “I dare you” for you mighty :ninja:

The “Set Crop Region to Selected Shape” does not work with Elevations viewports.

Most likely reason is that it does not transform Elevation viewport coordinates properly.

I created the following issue for documentation purposes

The tool code is there: https://github.com/eirannejad/pyRevit/blob/develop/extensions/pyRevitTools.extension/pyRevit.tab/Drawing%20Set.panel/Sheets.pulldown/Set%20Crop%20Region%20To%20Selected%20Shape.pushbutton/script.py

The request is related to:

If know how to fix the code and fixed it locally and don’t know how to bring it into the github repository, let me know.



I fixed the issues with Elevation viewports and created a pull request for this issue. I messed up a little bit, because It’s my first time creating one.

I will try it and merge next week if all goes well.
Thanks @Nicholas.Miles