Release date Pyrevit 2025

when will Pyrevit release for Revit 2025. Just because I need it as soon as possible.

Thanx for the update.

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Hi @Mystac , welcome to the community.

Pyrevit is an open source project run by volunteers that invest their free time to maintain it and try to handle bugs and requests from the community.

Unfortunately the creator and lead developer of pyrevit can’t invest his time to perform the transition, so we (well, mostly @dosymep, i can’t take credit for this) had to learn about the ins and out ot the project code (it’s not that simple, believe me) and try to upgrade it to make it compatible with the new .net8 framework that runs revit 2025.
We ran into some issues, and we can’t estimate a release date since, as I mentioned before, we’re volunteers and use our free time.

If you really need it, you’re welcome to help us make this happen, both with coding or with financial support


Hi @sanzoghenzo

thanx for your message and explanation about the new .net8 framework that runs revit 2025. I hope you will soon release a new version of Pyrevit that’s works correctly with the new .net8. Just let me know how the work on the new pyrevit goes and keep me in touch about this.

You can find the discussion of our progress here:

Shout-out to @dosymep , the main contributor of this epic change!

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