pyRevit support for 2024

Hi all,

As we see more and more questions about the support for Revit 2024 on the forum, I will do a recap of the situation.

The latest official release does not support 2024, meaning version 4.12


You can use one of the work in progress versions.
If you don’t know how to get these installers, see the latest section of this article of the pyRevit documentation:
WIP installers

Most of the tools will work, but some require some love and if you want to help speedup the new release coming up soon, you can contribute fixing the import export family config tool for example:
PPR Family config import export tools fix for 2024


@Jean-Marc Thanks for all of this crystal clear explanation. If I want to test the WIP version, it is better to first uninstall my official version then install the WIP version after?

@Dave_O In general, for every software, and for pyRevit:

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@Jean-Marc Thanks, I wanted to know if I interpreted this version like an software update!
Thanks for your clarification!