New Release: pyRevit 4.8.12


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pyRevit CLI (Command line utility)


  • Revit 2023 Compatibility
  • Added “Wipe Selected Families”
  • Resolved #1480: Exporting with the Make Pattern tool will work with some patterns but not others


Python API

  • Resolved #1481: pyRevit double-digit patch version does not show up correctly in UI

:yellow_heart: Thank you to all the contributors for this release!
@ejs-ejs @perrylackowski @onomou @dvdgnz @Jean-Marc @sanzoghenzo @alexdaversa @dagz214 @dosymep @MatthewBoynton


thank you!
and is it going to support using pyrevit.forms in cpython in the future?

Most probably not since doing that means supporting WPF in cpython. I haven’t seen any libraries for that. I’m hoping IronPython 3 would show up before that

Thanks for the release! Installing it straight away

Is anyone having an issue whereas pyRevit is not working for 2020/2021 with this new version but installed for 2022/2023?

Not that I know of. Are you having issues?

Ehsan, yes, I am having issues with pyRevit not working in 2020/2021 which is why i asked if it others are having that issue. I did have 4.8.11 installed prior to the availability of 4.8.12 and both were installed after installing 4.8.12.

What’s the problem? Any errors? Would you mind sending *.log files inside %APPDATA%/pyRevit/20XX folders?

Sent what I found via email.

I haven’t had any issues nor have seen any on my colleagues computers (25+)

You could check what revit plugins are installed for 2020/2021 and not installed for other versions.
It may be a dll conflict or the loading sequence of revit bypassing the pyRevit loader @SH-MEP_BM

A clean uninstall/ pyrevit doctor command /install might fix it.