Is there PyRevit for Revit 2024

I did my best to find the answer by searching before i start this new topic, i found some topics but i couldn’t find the answer/

Is there a release for PyRevit working with Revit 2024?

the final release i found here is compatible with Revit 2023 only

not quite:

Yes I checked this post and sorry I didn’t understand your reply there : PYREVIT for RVT2024 💖 - #2 by Jean-Marc

What I understood from your reply here, is “No” there is no PyRevit for Revit 2024 so far.
But in the post you mentioned and your reply there, you said that this release is friendly with Revit 2024 while I am installing the release you mentioned, but it is not appearing in the PyRevit list of Revit installed in the PC, so I got confused.

I installed the latest WIP build and i still doesn’t load in the Revit 2024 ribbon.

I was also wondering about PyRevit for 2024 Revit.

I am not a programmer so I am hoping for a new PyRevit version that simply works with 2024 Revit.

Is the original developer retired?

@eirannejad is not retired quite yet.

Me being stupid :point_down: :rofl:

He is old for sure and made so much money with pyRevit that he could retire indeed. But he decided to travel around the world until Autodesk dev teams finally implements the ‘do not show again’ tick box in every single popup in Revit.

All jokes aside, he is busy. We discussed the 2024 release a while back, and it’s going to happen soon. But for now, please use the wip version available as mentioned in the post :point_up:

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No no no I have no plan for retirement. But @Jean-Marc and the team are and have been the rockstars for a long time now that I’m a little distracted with Rhino 8

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