Moving the pyRevit repo under pyRevitlabs

Moving pyRevit to pyRevitlabs

Oye Oye! :star2::sparkles::boom:

This is a big one. :face_with_peeking_eye:

Back story

From day one, pyRevit has been hosted under @eirannejad profile on GitHub. It has been great do far, but has its limitations for us to manage all the backend stuffs, contributors, and all sorts of things dev related.

With the creation of an open collective organization to further expand the possibilities of the growing the community of users and maintainers, the need to move the pyrevit repo to a public organization arises sooner than expected.

What will happen

We will proceed with the migration.
Hopefully, GitHub will process as advertise and not break too many things. Ehsan made a test earlier with smaller repos, and it seemed alright.

So, expect turbulences (or not :crossed_fingers:) but in any case you should be able to keep on using pyrevit, download installers and raise issues and make pull requests (against the develop-4 branch) from its upcoming new address

If something goes wrong

We will make it work. But you can send me PM and we will try to fix things as soon as humanly possible.


Done, but fixes are in progress.

  • The wip installers seem to work fine,
  • The docs are publishing under the new url :
    PyRevit API Docs

Fixes in progress for all the back links to eirannejad/pyRevit.

More news soon

  • all URLs pointing to late repo are modified to point to pyrevitlabs/pyRevit
  • CLI WIP installer good to go
  • pyRevit WIP Installer good to go too
  • New Release in progress

… and all was well.

New Release

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Nice one, exciting to see pyRevit grow into a new era.

Look forward to seeing it continue to grow on the back of a more accessible back-end for the core contributors. Happy to help in testing pyRevit 5 once it’s in a testable state if that helps :slight_smile: , but I appreciate it’s a lot of work so no pressure!