How-to simple install and use of a different branch of pyRevit github

Hi everyone,

Instead of a question, my first post will be about sharing and understanding things for non programmers. I myself struggle quite a bit to get such things done and to understand them.

Let’s say you are interested in trying out a tool that is being developed right now

  1. go to GitHub - eirannejad/pyRevit: Rapid Application Development (RAD) Environment for Autodesk Revit®
  2. click on the master section and it will show you the manages branches where the tool is being developed and tried
  3. it belongs, for the sake of the example, to a branch named: feature/preflight

now that you have the branch name, you can download and attach it to your Revit version

  1. head to either the command line or to powershell and try this:

pyrevit clone preflight --dest=C:\pyRevit\preflight --branch=feature/preflight

It tells pyrevit cli to create a local clone named preflight that will get copied locally to your C drive and its originated from a specific branch of the pyRevit github

  1. it is now downloaded but not ‘installed’ or attached to revit yet. Next step is to attach the clone to your revit installs

now try this

pyrevit attach preflight 277 --installed

preflight being the name of your local clone, 277 being the python engine you attach it to, and –installed means you want to attach it to all your revit installs


  • You can be more specific and attach it to a specific revit version, or python engine
  • Also note that you don’t need to shut revit, this all works right after a reload.
  • all the pyRevit CLI commands are fairly well documented (once you understand what it talks about :slight_smile:) you can type pyrevit --help or pyrevit attach --help and pyrevit clone --help and you will get a better understanding of the commands
  • The cool thing about these branches is that you can edit them and then, eventually propose some improvements or corrections.

This is so great! Thank you @Jean-Marc :clap: I have a feeling you guys are gonna make this discourse such an awesome pyRevit/python/Revit-dev resource