How can I re-order my toolbar icons

I am trying to re-order these two icons, but whatever i do, they appear in this order, is it by alphabetical order by force ? I guess not, i believe there is something i miss

Hi Mohamed Faramawy,
remove line 3 and then it should work.


For reference, here is a pyReit working bundle.yaml layout from the main set of tools:

  ru: Листы
  en_us: Sheets
  fr_fr: Feuilles
  - Copy Views
  - Move Views
  - Pin All Viewports
  - Reorder Selected Viewport
  - -----
  - Copy Sheets to Open Documents
  - Batch Sheet Maker
  - -----
  - Select Sheets
  - Rename Selected Sheets
  - List TitleBlocks on Sheets
  - Set Crop Region To Selected Shape
  - Set Views Crop Box Line Weight
  - Open Selected Viewport
  - -----
  - ReOrder Sheets
  - Rename PDF Sheets
  - Decrement Selected Sheet Numbers
  - Increment Selected Sheet Numbers
  • Number of spaces and count of dashes (in separators) are important.
  • They are plenty of yaml file validators online if in doubt
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Also, one possible error:

  • Name of your script folder with a typo

I thought these lines are to make a seperation between tabs, or am i wrong ?

I didn’t understand that, couldn’t you please clarify ?

  • These are for creating items:
 - yourtext
  • and when you have exactly this, it creates a separator: and I am pretty sure it will not add a separator if you have more or less than five ‘-’
  - -----
  • If you folder containing the scripts are: folderA.pushbutton, and folderB.pushbutton and in your yaml file you typed the following, it won’t work
  - foldera
  - folderBi
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And what about the panel itself, is there a way to control its order too?

I understood from that, that naming is case sensitive, and of-course this is logic.
But, look here, i took care of all my letters, and matched them perfectly with folders, and i still don’t know what is the problem.
Still ordering by alphabetical

You know what, i now got the problem, i was saving the bundle file as .yml but now i realized that i must save it as .yaml file

And also i was doing some mistakes you mentioned and i corrected them all and now i got what i need, many thanks to you all, sometimes i get very confused when it comes to letters, thanks for your efforts.

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I’ve asked myself this question before. Is there a way to control the arrangement?
Can someone answer that?

Look at the pyrevit tools code, the bundle.yaml file there and the folder structure and names:

For that you need a bundle.yaml file just one level up your set if buttons folders:

foo.panel contains:

  • bar.pushnutton folder
  • fruit.pushbutton

So in the foo.panel i have a bundle.yaml file containing the layout I want like so:

  - fruit
  - bar

That’s it

I know how to arrange the panels. I’m talking about the tabs. How can I arrange the tabs?

Same process!, at each folder level you can control the same way.
Over and out

OK. Thx. Here is another way.
Moving Revit Tabs | Assemble Products | Autodesk Knowledge Network.

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Both manual and temporary