Error Downloading pyRevit 2024

I am trying to get pyRevit working in 2024 and having some issues. I have tried downloading both versions to my C drive but I get the attached error message each time.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. Can anyone advise?

The latest official release does not support 2024.
Use one of the wip versions.if you don’t know how,
You will find plenty of answers:

See also

Thanks for the update. As of May 30th is there any progress on a simple or plug and play PyRevit install for 2024 Revit? I tried to follow the ‘WIP Installer’ track but I got lost in the weed/details of those smarter-than-me programming efforts.
FYI, the main (or only) Pyrevit item that I was delightfully using in 2023 Revit was the ‘Match Attributes’ equivalent function which was just a great time saver. If I could get that one item to work in 2024 Revit I would be happy to patiently wait for the other items to catch up an by rolled out.

try and install this one pyRevit_4.8.13.23144_signed.exe - Google Drive This is the latest WIP version as of today
I can relate to the fact that you got lost in the way. It took me a bit to figure things out in the github ecosystem + pyRevit code repo (and I am not even close to understand everything that is available in the code base)

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Hi Jean-Marc, I just downloaded Revit 2024 and can not get pyrevit to show up- I do not understand how these WIP work- even after reading the link- not sure how to “Command ID” and can this happen without pyrevit launching? Thanks!

This one worked!!
pyRevit_4.8.13.23144_signed.exe - Google Drive

Thanks for all your work <3

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