YAML template for help file

I figured out that I can put the full file path to a PDF in the YAML help_url: tag so it opens in bluebeam when you press F1. Is there a way to use relative path so I don’t need to individually hardcode this for every single button?

The docs show example for youtube URLs

youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=
help_url: "{{youtube}}H7b8hjHbauE"

but that is statically defined further up the bundle.
is there some way to use something similar to

help_url: "{{script_path}}\\help.pdf"

I tried using the __ help__ tag inside the script and passing a variable to it but then I realized that the variables are useless until script executed, but I need during ribbon startup.

My guess is not without pyrevit changes to support this but figured I’d check.
I’ll probably just write a script that will crawl thru and write the tag and full path into every single YAML file or script.py and just update if button moves.

Hi @jpitts,
The tag to use inside the script is _helpurl_.

I took a quick look at the source code, and I see that before reading the help_url in the bundle file, it looks for a file named something like <anything>help.<anything> so try to name your pdfs as commandname-help.pdf and see if they get picked up

seems like its trying to work but something is goofed.


You don’t have to specify the file in the help_url option in the yaml file, the file sholud be picked automatically.

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I hate when its something so simple…