WPF & XAML without any IronPython

Hello everybody,
As I am new to pyrevit, maybe I am missing something.

When I’m doing pure access to Revit DB, it don’t matter to use CPython interpreter or IronPython.
However, to have some modal personalized modal dialog using XAML, IronPython work fine and seems to be the only way.
Now I am using some 3rd party module like openxl or Pandas and I have to force pyrevit using CPython mode with the hashbang “#! python3” to have the possibility to use these lib.

But in this case no way to use WPF with XAML. I’ve tried so many trick (from googling results) but always I have errors with the interpreter.

Now I’m in no end Loop, if I resolve XAML I don’t have 3rd modules and ‘vis versa’.
There is no clear doc to use pythonnet and at final I’m completely lost.

Can someone give me the direction to take and with a simple example?
thank you in advance

Have you tried any CPython GUI libraries? like Tkinter (tkinter — Python interface to Tcl/Tk — Python 3.9.6 documentation)

Yes I have tried but it seems very complicated (at least to me) for many reasons:

  • I have to prepare the layout by programming not with a graphical interface;
  • I have to manage all the events;
  • The curve of learning seem to be hard to accomplish. And as I am mainly windows user/developer it’s easier to me to still on WPF.

The main problem, for this staff is that IronPython will take some time to pass to 3.40 and more. And since that not happen in the near futur, I think we will face this issues between CPython 3 and Ironpython 2.7.
There is maybe a solution through using Pythonnet. But for now is above my capabilities and there isn’t enough material on the web to explore.

I’ve tried to understand the philosophy of the huge work of implementation done by @eirannejad but still above my level of understanding as I still newbie in python. And I’m sure the solution is there. I have to work on it.
Thank you @ali.tehami

@A.Chak If it helps, there are many drag n drop GUI Design Builder tools for Tkinter, here are a couple of options:

-Using a free desktop tool like PAGE Tkinter gui builder:

-An online web-based drag n drop using Figma to generate the code based on the online designer ui sketch they built:

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thank you @ali.tehami i will take a look. Seem to be very interesting tools