WPF Multiple ComboBoxes with identical ItemsSources

Hi everyone,

I have a Python Script in combination with a WPF-file (XAML).
In the XAML-file I have many ComboBoxes that have identical ItemsSources. Is there a way to centralize the inputs so I don’t have to repeat them so many times.
Now it looks something like this:

class MyWindow(forms.WPFWindow):
    def __init__(self):
        forms.WPFWindow.__init__(self, xamlfile)

        self.Facade1a.ItemsSource = viewsElevDict
        self.Facade1b.ItemsSource = viewsElevDict
        self.Facade1c.ItemsSource = viewsElevDict
        self.Facade1d.ItemsSource = viewsElevDict

Seems really inefficient, so any help on how to properly do this is welcome!

PS: I have googled ResourceDictionaries, but almost no information on Python is available online.