Working with Multiple Projects / Model checker

Hello community,

I’m using Model Checker to verify the health of various Projects/files, 90 to be specif. I have seen that the app is good and all but it is still limited to what is possible with pyrevit/Revit API.

So i would like to know if it is possible to execute a plugin and it can get information from projects that are not open, for exemple throwing a file path with all the RVT files as input. Or if the event/fonction can be reproduced without user interference.

I have tried looking for answers involving dynamo but i have even less knowledge about it. For example this article : Loading Multiple Families into Multiple Documents Automatically

Thanks in advance !

Two ways I know but haven’t tried:

The preflight check model checker check code may need a bit of refactoring to run properly

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Thank you ver much @Jean-Marc for the fast reply, I’ll take a look!