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Hello fellow Revit samurais and BIM Jedi’s. Excited to continue learning about the possibilities of pyRevit and to create tools with you all.

Hello there!
I’m new to Python and I have really only been working in Revit for a little over two and a half years, but I’m starting to write pyRevit scripts for my company. I hope one day I can contribute something to pyRevit! It has helped us with so much and we are way better off using it! Thanks, Ehsan!

Hello everyone, I’m your new member Volkan. :wave:

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Hello everyone! Architectural designer here working on creating a toolbar w/ pyRevit for my company with some automations. I’ve been using Dynamo/Dynamo Player for a while now for this, but am hoping pyRevit will help me get a more streamlined distribution and user-friendly setup.

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Hello, my name is Gian Claudio, and I am based in London at the moment…
I would like to contribute to this amazing project.

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Hi all,

Nice forum!
May I also ask python for dynamo questions here?

Kind Regards,

Jan Willem

Hey everyone, excited to be a part of this community.

I’ve been using pyRevit for over 3 years now and it helped take my Python work to the next level. Appreciation for @eirannejad, Cyril, Gui, etc for helping pave the way.

Anyway, I have been developing pyRevit scripts for my companies’ internal use and there are now a couple I feel comfortable sharing outside the organization. I would appreciate any and all feedback / advice on them.

The scripts are available on my Git (link in my profile).


“Toggle Background” is so handy! :heart_eyes:


@ErikFrits did a nice one too

:eyes:Thanks for shoutout @Jean-Marc

btw, you need to update EF-Tools,
There are a few more tools inside now :stuck_out_tongue: