Visibility Graphics for Revit Links

This might already exist in the pyRevit universe and I just don’t know about it yet, but is there a button to set all Revit Links Visibility/Graphic Overrides to Custom?

Right now the workflow I use is, (1) Set up or choose a View Template for the view, (2) click into View Template settings, (3) Switch to Revit Links Tab, (4) Click on the By Host View button in the Display Settings column
(5) in the RVT Link Display Settings popup, click the Custom radial button to allow customization,
(6) switch to the desired tab, like Annotation Categories, (7) click on the dropdown and switch it to
(8) then finally make my Customization…

Is there a pyRevit or related tool to automate steps 2-7? Or even 2-5? Thanks in advance!

This is something that I have been wanting to do… We always have to go into annotation categories and turn them off for every link… Which is time consuming. BUT, I haven’t done anything with it yet… And doing some research it looks like it’s not possible? I don’t believe that it’s exposed by the API at all…

Not possible, looking at the API.
Only workaround is to have you regular templates with the links parameters uncheck and temporarily apply a template that control only the links overrides.
Not optimal, I know. And a script won’t help you that much

I didn’t think to check the API first, my bad! Hopefully this topic will assist others that are curious about it. Thank you both for looking into this for me!

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