Version doesnt save settings

Hi all, im new to this forum, i got a little bit of experience with python in dynamo and i thought i go try PyRevit.

I was trying to make a custom tab after following a guide. When i try to add the folder at the custom extension directories and click save settings and reload, its reloading in the backgroud. But my custom tab doesn’t appear. And the settings arent saved.

So i tried adjusting a random setting and press save and reload and it doesnt save that either.
What could cause this problem?

I tried locating the user.ini file but i cant find it anywhere…

Kind regards,

Hi Fabian,
you could see if the config file is here: %appdata%/pyRevit
if not, create a file pyRevit_config.ini should do the trick

the file contains the following in my case and my folder looks like this

I still can’t get it to work?

When i try add the path again…

I made a new empty file .ini file so pyRevit would build it up with the right header…
Then added the folder again! Now its working.

Thank you!

Kind regards,

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