Using PythonOCC with PyRevit

Another cumbersome question. I am looking to work around few Revit API limitation in terms of geometry manipulation (usually Dynamo can handle those).
The idea is to moving some of the scripts developed with Dynamo into a more robust toolbar based on PyRevit. We have moved most of the interfaces and easy stuffs already but now we are facing the issue of limitation in the Revit geometry kernel.
We have a list of curves (polyline, line, arcs, etc.) that we want to join in a single polycurve (like Dynamo can do). We can then use this to identify a point on the curve at a specific length, place a frame on it and finally find an intersection between this plane and another similar polycurve.
PythonOCC can handle most of these operations quite easily, plus can do much more of course.
Is there a way to bring the power of OCC to be used with PyRevit

We are not considering other paths using Hops or Rhino.Compute at the moment so, no this is not answer.
Thanks for all the feedbacks and help the forum can bring to the topic, which I think may be interesting for others too.

Is there a possibility to have an answer to the question and, maybe, have python occ added to the packages installed with pyrevit?
Otherwise would be nice to know if/how we can add it to our distribution.