Use dynamo script with custom nodes in Pyrevit

I know how to use Dynamo script with Pyrevit, but my question is if i am using custom node in the dynamo script, and i put this custom node file in the same folder with the dynamo script in Pyrevit directory, can the script run properly even if the dynamo package of the custom node is not loaded in the dynamo?
i mean, can dynamo read the custom node if both are in the same folder ?

Hi @Faramawy, sorry for the late reply.

I’m afraid it can’t be done, at least I cannot find any info about it. Maybe @Jean-Marc has more experience than me in this field, but I suppose this is a Dynamo limitation.

Basically, running a script with custom nodes is possible as long as dynamo sees these nodes when you open dynamo in the Revit version you are using.

That means you need to have dynamo properly set up in every version you want to use your dyn script in.

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