Updated MahApps.Metro

I updated MahApps.Metro and added theming to all windows

While I was figuring it out, I realized that this type of update is too complex to do well enough.

This looks ‘almost’ good though.
You would miss on the fly icon conversion.

What is your end goal? @dosymep

This was an experiment to update the mahapps to a new version, plus I try to attach themes to all windows. At the moment I think it’s only possible to update the mahapps itself and all other dependencies (newtonsoft, nlog etc…).

After the update, there may be compatibility problems with extensions written by the community :slight_smile:

Do you want me to PR this to the develop branch of the repo to get and try the installers / functionalities / extensions @dosymep ?

It’s still early, I’m thinking about how best to build the libraries, since the new version of Revit will support .net 7, and all libraries compiled on the .net framework are not compatible with the new .net.

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