Unwanted data collection from pyRevit?

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We started using pyrevit in my company and we have also started to create our own customized tools. However, we received some questions from the top management regarding security of the tool and the potential data collection from the users and our client projects.
I have made a research in google but was not able to find specific information about this topic.
Can pyRevit collect information from the users of the tool without permission? Is there any official document/website related to this topic?

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It does not collect anything about users or projects unless you make a tool to do so.
There is no tool designed to communicate outside Revit.
You can have a look at each tool code click alt+button or make a search in the GitHub repo to figure out if there is some sort of outbound or inbound canal.
The only canal that is builtin is with the GitHub repo update.
That being said, if you can create a python script to communicate with the outside world thanks to the requests module and send data anywhere you want.

Not that I know of
Maybe master @eirannejad can confirm

Thank you for the information @Jean-Marc.

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Just adding some information for anyone finding this post in the future:

  • pyRevit and the tools that come with the standard installations do not send/collect information.
  • Any extensions to pyRevit that are installed from other repositories, may or may not collect information and should be vetted before installation/deployment.

Because, as @Jean-Marc mentioned, one could add telemetry to their own scripts in any form. You and your company are asking the right questions here. Thanks to the open source nature of this product you can check any concerns easily yourself and rely on others in the community looking for it as well.

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