Undo - how to set name of script/action

Hello pyRevit Community :slight_smile:

When using pyRevit tools i can see the name of the tool if I want to undo an action in revit. For example “Match graphic overrides”.

But my own tools give just the name “Sample Text”.


How can i set this name?

I´m using a .yaml file to set the name of my pushbuttons and it works just fine. Only this “undo name” is wrong.

Happy about any advice!
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that is the transaction Name

with Transaction(doc,'TransactionName') as t1:
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Ah, thank you so much, i knew i have seen this “sample text” somewhere! :smiley:

Let me add my 2 cents
When using

with revit.Transaction('name of the transaction'):

You don’t need a start and a commit. It is already wrapped in the revit.Transaction() of pyrevit module