Unable to load PySimpleGUI

Hello Everyone,

I am new to pyRevit, and I have been trying to execute my previously developed cpython scripts in pyrevit. Unfortunately the PySimpleGUI package is not working,

I know IronPython has pyrevit forms for multiple tasks, but what about Cpython

How to create a “browse files” window in Cpython

My Aim: I want the user to choose a CDB file (to read the sofistik results) and an Excel file (to store the manipulated results) then execute remaining script. I know this is task can be done outside of pyrevit environment. But I am creating a bunch of buttons other use cases too, so I don’t want to use multiple tools. I want all of them under one ribbon.

Hi @kuladeep,

I can’t answer for the cpython pySimpleGUI part,
but you can still have the button in Revit and execute some python code outside Revit like so:

import os
os.system('cmd /c "python "C:\PathToYourPythonScript/script.py""')

But you will face some issues if you start deploying your toolbar and your users don’t have the modules installed like you: C:\Users\kuk\

I don’t know the details of the treatment you are giving your data, but the less modules you import, the less trouble to deploy

Hi @Jean-Marc ,
Sorry for late response I was occupied with other priority tasks.

Yes, I have tried as you suggested, but there is no GUI popped up or any functionality happened.
when I click the CMD flashes for a sec and that’s it.

import os
os.system('cmd /c "python "C:\Users\kuk\Downloads\Python\MypyRevit\MyTool\MyTool.extension\MyTools.tab\pyScript.Panel\pyScript.pushbutton\VmaxMmax.py""')

I found that rpw has form functionality, does this supports python3 script?