Tkinter module not found

Greetings all,
I have a problem with Tkinter packages what I understand it’s included in python 3 core, which means I don’t have to install it. Any help regarding this issue plz? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

if you import tkinter and then dir(tkinter) do you get something?
I get something while in python 3.9

or in vscode

   import tkinter

Hi Jean-Marc,

Thanks for your response, Sorry probably my question isn’t clear, I use C-python script and run it through Revit extension using pyRevit. The problem is that I want to use matplotlib to visualize some data and Tkinter, which is missing, one of its dependencies. I use Python 3.8 and pyRevit 4.8.5 btw

Besides, I tried to use pyRevit charts but I couldn’t figure out it.

You cant use tkinter with cpython.This was answered here:

Hi Steve,

Yes, I’ve read it. Thanks for clarification

I get tkinter is not part of CPython but what about basic pyrevit python scripts? Or is there a way to include it via bin or lib folders?

Could be could be, though I wouldn’t vouch for the results, certainly not with regard to deployability.

But you could add the location of the tkinter module to your path variable at runtime and then place your import statements?