Tkinter module not found

Greetings all,
I have a problem with Tkinter packages what I understand it’s included in python 3 core, which means I don’t have to install it. Any help regarding this issue plz? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

if you import tkinter and then dir(tkinter) do you get something?
I get something while in python 3.9

or in vscode

   import tkinter

Hi Jean-Marc,

Thanks for your response, Sorry probably my question isn’t clear, I use C-python script and run it through Revit extension using pyRevit. The problem is that I want to use matplotlib to visualize some data and Tkinter, which is missing, one of its dependencies. I use Python 3.8 and pyRevit 4.8.5 btw

Besides, I tried to use pyRevit charts but I couldn’t figure out it.

You cant use tkinter with cpython.This was answered here:

Hi Steve,

Yes, I’ve read it. Thanks for clarification