Telemetry System use cases

I’ve been wondering about the possible use cases of the Telemetry System.
The only obvious use for it that I could grasp is tracking work time on a project for analysis.
It look like a very interesting system, but there must be more to it, or not?

Would love to hear some possible uses for it.

If you have custom tools that you deploy, you can use it for logging errors.


I haven’t implemented it yet but what I hope to get out of it is, of the custom tools I have, find out which ones aren’t being used so I can put out training material on the lesser known ones.

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I use it for:

  • Logging of errors of tools of users without the need of their feedback or without bothering them
  • Tool usage analytics
    • which user uses which tool on which project on which model how many times with which pyRevit version
    • I try to use it for user motivation and I know which tools should be more promoted or explained to the users

If you use pyRevit hooks, you can add your custom actions to the events.
I use them for: