Tags and leader line length

You know when you creat, say a wall tag, and you have the option to set the initial leader line length. What is that parameter and is there a way to force all existing leader lines to conform to a set length.
We had a newbie working on a project and the leader lines are driving us old dogs crazy. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thx

Here’s the api link so you can look into what is available to read/write.
ApiDocs.co · Revit · IndependentTag Members

These are Independent Tags.
You can Check if it HasElbow
If it does, you can set the LeaderElbow xyz coordinate based off of a certain offset from the TagHeadPosition.
You’ll have to figure out what that offset is based on the actual tag family you have.
But, if it’s an auto stretching tag (i.e. a label with the border turned on), you’re going to have to somehow calculate what the width of the tag is based on the TagText property.

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I guess the initial leader length will be the distance between the midpoints of the nearest boundingbox ‘edges’ facing towards each other of the tagged element and the tag.
The tag-side end of the leader will be IndependentTag.TagHeadPosition, and the element-side end will be IndependentTag.LeaderAnd which is only available if IndependentTag.LeaderEndCondition == LeaderEndCondition.Free, so it has to be checked, and changed (and changed back if thats the case). The distance between the too points above will be the length of the leader (if it has no elbow)

PS I forgot to send the message, and Martin has overtaken me. :slight_smile: