Tab per project?

I’d like to start out by saying I’m not really a coder and just got into pyrevit very recently. I’ve only done the basics and created my own toolbar with buttons that open links or files with bundle.yaml files and that’s about it so far.

For what I’m looking to do, for now, as I slowly start getting more into this, is to create custom tabs for projects in revit for my team. Essentially, I’m creating a toolbar that links relevant websites/files for a project within revit so everything is stored on one master file in revit. A bit unessisary but a fun way for me to get introduced into pyrevit and just have a local file with everything.

I’m looking to have a pyrevit tab open with a project that it’s relevent for or created for, but not appear in other projects. In the other project, I want its own tab that would be associated with it. So if I create a pyrevit tab for project a, another one for project b, another for c, and I want everyone on my team to be able to use those toolbars for those projects too but not have those toolbars show up in the projects I don’t need them for, how would I go about doing that.

Hi Andrew,
Many ways to approach the project, none that simple if you stick to what you have described:

One way:

  • create an extension with multiple tabs, one per project
  • use the doc-opened hook to activate the MinifyUI and hide irrelevant tabs based on the doc.Title or project number of the project

Thank you for the suggestion.
This makes sense to me and I’ll explore and see if I can get something to work.

Would I be right in assuming this may cause lag as we add projects? Revit would still be loading for example, 20 toolbars, but only showing 1? I’ll do my own testing to see if any issues arise.

Thanks again!

Revit has a limit on how many tabs that can be loaded by API. So if you have many projects, you probably need to consider another solition, I’m afraid.

I have run into this problem myself.
We have tab toggles for each discipline in our extension, so it is possible to toggle tabs, but it is limited on how many you can have.

One simpler option might be to create a “” and a panel and .pulldown folder for each project. Then you could add all the buttons for a project to the pulldown (and in also in slide-out buttons below the panel).

(I have not tested this, but one thing I thought of now is that there might be a way to make a button to toggle panels on/off? That could add the project panel to the right of your main tab. If this is possible, you could use a checkbox form to select the Project panel to be visible.)

Hi @Andrewleej4 ,
If you successfully test it, can you share it here? I also had this idea but didn’t know how to implement it.