Specific pattern, can make pattern even achieve this?!

I have tried for hours to make this particular pattern with pyRevit’s Make Pattern tool. I am beginning if the tool simply can’t do it for me. I am on a time crunch to get some floor finishes completed. Any immediate help would be fantastic and much appreciated!

Can this be achieved using the tool? Basically, we need the square to be centered and it cannot repeat.


I have tried everything I cannot get it to work. This is an image of my current Revit detail lines I am trying to use as my pattern:


The red remarks what the pattern wants to be in my finish plan in the end. I would center this square over an entry door in my project. Is this even possible?



PS: Please forgive me if this is not the place to ask for help. Kindly relay the correct place to ask this if this is not the correct place to ask such a question. Thank you.

the picture below explains it.
the little square represents the pattern itself
on the right what I started with
and the two filled region zones below with one being offset by one block unit.

Thank you @Jean-Marc. So this does work if I wanted to use filled regions. What if I wanted to create a pattern to use in a material, for my floors for example?

Mor of a revit question @jmqrsq

Floor composition → top material edition → surface pattern set to your pattern->

Option 1:

  • two floors and you then align patterns

Option 2:

  • 1 floor → split face → paint two different materials on each faces and align pattern (using the same material won’t do as is considers the pattern material as the same entity while aligning, that’s why you have to use 2 materials with the same pattern