Showing off pyRevit capabilities

hi all,

decided to start documenting some of my recent developments in pyRevit with the hope that others benefit. I’m not sure if external links are allowed but here is a link to my first post:

thought some of the users here might find this interesting so wanted to share!


Thanks for sharing, @atki224

I like it thanks for sharing! A modified version of this form should work great for displaying details for inserts in a tool I made for stretching fabrication rods into the deck. This might be my motivation to learn WPF finally

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For some reason I get blocked by the server. I’m trying from my workplace, which doesn’t have trouble with any other sites (unless our IT group blocks them, but that’s not the case here – it seems Cloudflare is blocking me from visiting

Anyone else having this trouble?


whats your country of origin? right now my webserver is locked down to CZ republic and USA only but I can expand this.

im a little uptight with security, lol

I’m in Canada, so I guess that’s the problem :open_mouth:

just adjusted some stuff to prevent this (i hope), can you try again and let me know? sorry to all for the troubles!

Hi Austin,

It’s still blocking me (even with a browser refresh), but perhaps it takes a few hours to propagate through cloudflare’s servers? I’ll try again later today or tomorrow and let you know.


I think the issue is because you are visiting the overall domain instead of the subdomain I setup (ie.url being entered as vs

Try the link in the first post and let me know one more time!

The “blog.” subdomain works now, though not the parent domain (of course that doesn’t matter in this case). Don’t have time to look at your work yet, but at least I can do so now :slight_smile: