Show and Tell. What cool stuff are you working on?

Thought it would be fun to see what others are working on. Any cool tools? Useful utilities you want to share? Good tips and tricks you discovered/solved working in python and the Revit API?

Most used scripts:
Mass Room Tags - Tags all rooms from architectural link in all views
Schedule Resizer - Resizes schedule column widths to the max characters so that text does not wrap except where you put in a dedicated line return.

Most recent scripts:
Place AV Speakers on a Line - Select points in a plan view, script will build a line/curves/spline (based on your selection) and place speakers along it at a specified spacing.
Check Electrical Oneline - We place Detail items with parameters for our onelines, this script will backcheck that for each detail item we have a 3D element and the relevant parameters are the same.

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