Setting VendorId for my custom extension

Hello all!
I’ve successfully created a button extension using pyRevit, and everything works great at the beginning.
When I try to make use of extensible storage and restrict access, I need to pass the VendorId of my extension when creating the schema.

This seems to be straightforward but I’m having trouble finding a way to do it. Extensions created with pyRevit don’t require an .addin file, but it appears that’s the only place where I can set the VendorId. Is there an alternative method to set the VendorId for my extension?

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

@asasasa ,

i ve never heard about that. what do you do with your button? what is your task?

I want to store data in the document, and the button is used to retrieve and/or update those data.
I’m making use of the extensible storage in Revit API.

Worst case scenario I can just make access level public, but I think it would be safer to restrict access.