SelectFromList return_all not returning all

Howdy pyRevit folks!
I’m currently implementing SelectFromList to allow the user to check items off a checklist. I’ve split the checklist into separate groups and while it seems to load just fine, once I press the “select” button, all that is returned is the results from the last open group.
I have return_all set to True, but that just returns all for the last open group. Is there a way to get the results for all open groups?

Below is a sample of what I’m currently experiencing, and a brief code snippet that creates the ShowFromList and prints the results.


result =, title="QAQC List for " + targetSheet, 
                                   button_name="Set Selected As Completed", 
                                   group_selector_title="QAQC Item Type", 
                                   return_all = True)

for item in result:
    print( + '-' + str(item.checked))