Scripts per Revit Version

Is it possible to use different scripts for different versions of Revit using the bundle context in the same button? Ideally something like this:

I’d probably sort it out in the script itself if it was me.

from pyrevit import HOST_APP
version = HOST_APP.version

It would have the added benefit of you not needing to repeat work as much of the scripts, I assume, would be the same.


It is handled like @Archibum mentioned in most pyrevit modules and also in the print sheets tool

Thanks yeah I’m really looking for a lazy way to avoid multiple updates to individual python nodes within Dynamo scripts. If there could be two dyn files referenced it would save a lot of time between versions, and maintain working scripts for previous versions in the interim

@eprunty So something like the tool configs in the bundle.yaml file? See if this works for you. Look under “Supported Revit Versions”

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Thanks Ehsan, that’s exactly it