Revit Journal parsing

I do a lot of Revit support for my company, and often have to try to find the cause of errors and crashes etc.
Now and again I try to check the journals, but I’m not always able to locate/understand what I need to look for. Some days ago, I saw a post on Linkedin that someone had managed to make a timeline on how long a user had been working/opened different models (but I cannot find it anymore), but that idea set me on a path to make a button to extract a simplified report from all the journals of the last days on the users machine.

So far I have managed to extract some basic information.
It should also extract errors, but I have no journals with errors I can test with right now.

Would this be an interesting tool for others?
Do anyone have suggestions for other useful info to extract from the journals?

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I posted about a journal cleaner tool Here

This is for extracting commands that can be executed again in journal script but it might give you some ideas on how to do something similar for errors.

If it’s error in command execution and not errors in model, you can to look into custom telemetry output where you can state exactly what went wrong and be more precise than generic traceback. I think you can write them to journal as well as to telemetry log file

Are you are searching for keywords like “error”? Probably want to try and keep leading and trailing 10 lines so you don’t strip important context on what was happening when error occured.

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you should check some of this

but most importantly

and try this out in dynamo GitHub - andydandy74/Journalysis: Revit journal and worksharing log analysis package for the Dynamo visual programming environment
available through the package manager. And if you are willing to port this library to pyRevit modules, I am sure this will pick someone’s interest ;p


Thank you both for great tips on resources!
I’ll look more into it and post an update at some time if I get any further with this.

Good suggestion for a shiftclick function to output more lines “around” the errors if needed. :+1:

Nice, did not know there was journal-related code in pyRevit! Are there any tools in pyRevit that already has features for working with journals? I have not been able to test all the functionalities in native pyRevit yet, focusing on the custom extension we are rebuilding.

Will share code if I get it a bit more organized and my company allows me to. :+1: