Revit 2022 Print Index

Hi all,

I installed the latest version of pyRevit recently, opened a project file and now the sort order of our sheets is acting odd. You can see the two sheets in the attached image following Print Index values in pyRevit.

I thought it was related to adding sheets. Those were the last two added, but as I add more sheets they sort appropriately.

I’ve tried holding Shift and hitting Print Sheets and I’ve tried Sheets > reOrder Sheets and neither works.
reOrder won’t work because my Sort parameter is not an integer.

Thanks for any insights you might have.

Edit: It’s so strange. I can add sheets and they sort fine. There are two sheets that stubbornly refuse to sort and I can only think it’s the fact that I have pyRevit and opened the model. Maybe not pyRevits fault, but I have no other clues.