Revit 2022 PDF Export Event?

Is the new Revit 2022 PDF Exporter tied to the File Exporting event or View Exporting event - or does it have it’s own event?

2022 will file FileExported event

You can use hook in pyRevit to capture it

Revit 2022 has added PDF to the list of export formats here

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Ahh, thank you. :pray: Prior to R2022 I was using the print events to capture which views/sheets were being printed. It looks like there isn’t an easy way to capture the views that are being exported with that event, unless I’m missing something.

I noticed ViewsExportingByContextEventArgs has the method GetViewIds… but it seems like this might not have anything to do with the new Revit built-in PDF exporter? :pensive:

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