Revalue - Family Names

I am loving the Revalue tool but can’t quite figure out how to get it working for actual Family Name renaming. I can select Family Types and rename them no problem

But, when I select the actual Families, I can’t use the Revalue tool. I have use the Select tool in PyRevit and our own Select All, of category tools but nothing allows me to change the Family name.

Wow! No response to this? Is it that no one has answer or I didn’t make sense asking my question?

Niche forum, niche issue, and we all have a day job or nothing to say on the matter.

I tried to select through the browser, and it works as expected but you are right, it does not let you rename family if you select a set of families in the model.

I guess it is more suited for an issue on the pyrevit github.

as an alternative, you could use the Family Reviser from DiRoots for that specific use case.