Rename PyRevit add-in for company deployment

We are looking to replace our company Revit Add-in tab with a deployment of PyRevit. We will be migrating our tools across or replacing them with equivalents to be loaded onto the core deployment toolbar.

Is there a way to rename the PyRevit extension itself to our match our existing Add-in so when its deployed the users wont start reporting our company add-in as missing or have to adjust to looking for the PyRevit tab to locate our tools?

I found this in the file, would changing it have the right effect? I’m assuming this would break a myriad of other things but would appreciate if anyone could shed some light on it

your assumption is most probably right.
why not create your own extension of pyRevit instead, even if you have to bring some of the pyRevit tools to your own extension/tab. This way you don’t break anything in pyRevit, you also don’t have to worry so much about the evolution of pyRevit Tools so much.You just have one tab for pyRevit and one for your company’s set of tools

Yeah that’s a good point, we can just set it as “default_enabled”: “True” to have it deployed as standard