Reload required on script update?

Hi all, I remember I used to develop/debug pyRevit scripts and only having to save the changes I made in *.py files for it to update.

Recently, I notice I have to reload the complete UI on every change.

How is this behavior managed? Can I prevent having to reload the UI on every small change?

You don’t need to reload pyRevit if you make changes to common python scripts. Saving the script and run it again is should be enough as long as you didn’t make change in a module.

Reload is necessary when you make changes in the GUI (bundles, tooltip images, new buttons, icons etc…) or if new file is added (config, module etc.)

I have no information that anything has changed in this respect.


On another note, I believe most IDEs will automatically save files as you’re editing. I use PyCharm and I can change one line and then run it immediately with the updated code.