Reference an addin

Pyreviteers, lend me your brains.

Along with my pyrevit development tools that I have created, we had someone create an addin that calls the same “company name” title. So now we have two tabs named “company name”. The tab that I generated using Pyrevit has all the custom tools and the tab created by the other user only has one tool. So you can imagine my production team gets confused. I am wondering is it possible to so how reference the addin tool into the pyrevit generated tab so that there is only one tab named “company name”. I have all the source code for the addin and it can be modified to do whatever is needed.

I’d try to use the dll from that addin in an .invoke bundle

But it all depends if the type of development that was done

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I have been using the same - the .invoke bundle is a godsent