Recording of Meetup #1

:tada: Here is yesterday meetup recording:

Also posted as a blog post on the pyRevit Notion Site: Recording of Meetup#1

Glad most of you could make it.

  • Like mentioned, you have been added to the contributors group and category. Feel free to activate emails notifications to ensure you stay in the loop.
  • I will send an invite for next month right after posting this. Same time, same location…

@Jean-Marc Do you think it’s a good idea to publish these to the main pyRevit channel? Maybe under a separate playlist for contributors. I think it’ll help making this more official :smiley:

Here is the playlist I made:

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Yes, separate playlist makes sense.

Same could go for the meetup recording. I out it in my own yt channel, but that would make things tidier on the pyrevit channel, same, separate playlist. I can do it if you add me as a contributor on the yt channel or playlist only.

Ok invited you using email

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To pick up on what you mention in the video about the certificates.
You mention potentially skipping the certificates setup for dev builds.
Are there any downsides to adding them to dev builds?

@dosymep said he can’t get the ci builds on his fork of the project. I don’t personally mind as they technically would be non-pyRevit builts and probably better to have their own certificates

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I was doing some research for the dll hell problem, and saw an article by Jeremy Tammik which mentions ILMerge to create a single assembly from multiple dlls - not sure if this is the tool you had in mind when talking about packing pyrevit into a single dll.

Anyway, since ILMerge is pretty old, I found out that ILRepack is a cli-compatible alternative still in active development.
If it works as advertised, we could drop the customized dependencies, use the original from NuGet and add a step after the compilation to put all the dlls (or just those that cause troubles) in a single one.

I presume this strategy cannot be used with the different (iron)python interpreters, though…