Reactivity and MVVM

First of all thank you Ehsan Iran-Nejad for all your hard work in benefit of the community. pyRevit is an amazing tool!
The reason I’m writing is because I’d like to know what the plans are regarding the implementation of MVVM when it comes to WPF windows. I believe it is a work in progress because I see some classes named “Reactive” which implement the iNotifyPropertyChanged and so on and I also see that a Session 11 video in the developer docs is “coming soon” Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases..
I’m interested in this because I’m a fan of the MVVM pattern and would like to be able to use it in pyRevit, but because I don’t see any examples of the MVVM pattern being used in the pyRevit tools, I wonder if it hasn’t yet been fully implemented.


I’d like to second this comment.
I’m pretty new to creating forms, and would love some more videos covering XAML data binding and any insight on recommended architecture design patterns. Went down a rabbit-hole today learning about MVP/MVC/MVVM, but I’d absolutely love some tutorialized examples in the pyRevit environment.
I’m trying to create a split form that lets you select equipment on the left and display and edit information about the equipment on the right, and my code is becoming very messy very quickly.

Just wondering if someone can add any comment to this topic…