Re: update 4.7.4 to 4.8.4 issue

Now. On my office pc, I had pyrevit 4.7.4 installed and tried to install pyrevit CLI 4.8.4 and was unable to do so. so removed/uninstall 4.7.4 and attempted to install 4.8.4 but 8.4 did not attach to revit 19.2.2 (hotfix)
I did try the attach command “pyrevit attach master 277 --installed” and i still did not have anything listed under ==> Attachments.

my home pc, I installed…well see my other post ‘installed 4.8.4 and get 4.7.4’
current pyrevit env i get

thank you,

update* - i uninstalled 4.8.4 and install pyrevit v4.7.6 and this works.
any reason why CLI doesnt work?

Did you install pyRevit CLI or pyRevit itself?