Re-order sheets in project browser

In a previous version of Revit I encountered an error when using the print sheets tool that changed the order of my sheets in my project browser by adding invisible characters in front of my sheet numbers. I fixed this issue but I was wondering if there was a way of doing this on purpose to change the way my sheets are ordered in both my print list and project browser. Revit has a very restrictive way of sorting sheet numbers. The way my office structures their drawing sets is like this:

2000.0 - site plan
22P4.0 - parking level 4 (lowest level)
22P3.0 - parking level 3
22P2.0 - parking level 2
22P1.0 - parking level 1
2201.0 - level 01
2202.0 - level 02

I have tried to use the re-order tool but I’m unfamiliar with regular expressions and any sort of coding in general. Also I don’t think the re-order tool would change the order in my project browser anyway.

Is there any way of doing this with Pyrevit? Are any of you familiar with any other tools that might do this?