Pywin32 add to pyrevit

I am trying to add the pywin32 library to pyrevit so that I can make sure of the email methods inside.

So here was my process so far:

I downloaded and installed pywin32 using pip.
Went to location and copied all the data for it to a Lib folder within my extension folder.
Now trying to reference that library and methods I am getting errors.

Should I be putting the folder content to the library in the pyrevit master lib folder or does it stay in my extension folder?

I might be wrong - but this is what has worked for me
.for CPython libraries, I have copied it in a folder called site-packages under my own extension and then sys.path.append() to add the module to my script.

Hi @Bmoreawesom3

Neither of them.
You need to create a library extension as explained here:

basically you create a new folder that ends with “.lib” instead of “.extension” and place the package in it.