Python script automation

I think this question was asked couple of times before.

I’m working on a project to extract element and material data from a revit model. I have the python script completed and run successfully in RPS. I’m able to execute my script using pyrevit run in CLI as well. However the pyrevit run CLI command, automatically opens the Revit UI, executes script and closes the UI.

Is there any kind of way in pyrevit, RPS (revitpythonshell), Revit application addin, or any tool that I can run my script in a headless way, without opening the Revit UI?

There is a hack to run Revit headlessly, but technicaly that is against the Revit end user license. Other than that I don’t know if any way to run revit headlessly. I guess you can also use the Forge Design API but then that’s a paid option.

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@eirannejad what is the hack ? :zipper_mouth_face: