pyRevitLoader warning?

I’m getting this warning every time I open this particular file. And would like to know how to get rid of it.


I recently installed the new version of pyRevit and installed the developer tools and all included extensions. Then I worked on this file and noticed some lag in the views, so I disabled the developer tools and that is when I started getting this warning.

I’ve been selecting the option to “continue working with the file” and things work fine. But this warning keeps popping up every time I open the file.

using Revit 2019

might be better suited for an issue on github.
you could first try to uninstall then reinstall the latest version @ivanzep

I have tried the same file on a separate computer with a fresh install of both Revit and pyrevit, but still see the same warning.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll post it on got hub