PyRevitLoader IronPythonTraceback

Need help trying to fix this, anyone?
Is it an Ironpython version problem or what?
The files in the message, can they be replaced or can it manully be edited?

Revit version: 2023
PyRevit: pyRevit_4.8.13.23182_admin_signed
I’ve reinstalled it 2 times and clean all folders from PyRevit and Registry keys

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I have no solution for you - but I have run into the same issue today. I wanted to add pyRevit to 2024 so I downloaded the latest version and was met with this error.

Removed all versions, and now I can’t even install old pyRevit on previous year without this error.

I don’t know how to fix this.

Hi @inscrip

I dont know if this might help you, it did’nt for me. But try the command Doctor


YOU that have a working PyRevit…
Could you post a similar screenshot as below. Thanks

Is there a similar and more stable with same functionallty as PyRevit

it looks like a bug.
I will fix the pyrevit-hosts.json file

after the fix:

the fix for this will be available from the repo here in 10min or so

in the artifacts section at the bottom

  1. uninstall
  2. install the new one
  3. and check the cli again

All in all I am not sure this will fix the main issue at hand

Hi! Revit 2024 here, same problem. How can I fix it? I can’t install and run older version on my Revit 2022/2023 now.

Here is my debug:

C:\Users\giorgiodeleo\AppData\Roaming\pyRevit-Master\bin>pyrevit attach master 2711 --installed --allusers
Error: Can not find clone “master”
Run with “–debug” option to see debug messages

C:\Users\giorgiodeleo\AppData\Roaming\pyRevit-Master\bin>pyrevit revits --debug
revits = True
Debug: Checking for all: wiki
Debug: Missing: wiki
Debug: Checking for all: blog
Debug: Missing: blog
Debug: Checking for all: docs
Debug: Missing: docs
Debug: Checking for all: source
Debug: Missing: source
Debug: Checking for all: youtube
Debug: Missing: youtube
Debug: Checking for all: support
Debug: Missing: support
Debug: Checking for all: env
Debug: Missing: env
Debug: Checking for all: update
Debug: Missing: update
Debug: Checking for all: clone
Debug: Missing: clone
Debug: Checking for all: clones
Debug: Missing: clones
Debug: Checking for all: attach
Debug: Missing: attach
Debug: Checking for all: detach
Debug: Missing: detach
Debug: Checking for all: attached
Debug: Missing: attached
Debug: Checking for all: switch
Debug: Missing: switch
Debug: Checking for all: extend
Debug: Missing: extend
Debug: Checking for all: extensions
Debug: Missing: extensions
Debug: Checking for all: releases
Debug: Missing: releases
Debug: Checking for all: revits
Debug: Checking for all: killall
Debug: Missing: killall
Debug: Checking for all: fileinfo
Debug: Missing: fileinfo
==> Running Revit Instances

Hi All,

I am having the same trouble and regretfully the Solution is expired. Means I cannot download it… my problem is with the new Version of PyRevit and Windows 10 System and Revit 2022 and 2024… is there a way to get it again? Thank you in Advance

Hi Juan, and welcome.
Please do not take over an old thread. Open a new one.
Most of the time, the following does the trick.

  1. Uninstall
  2. removing the pyrevit-master and pyrevit folders from %appdata%/
  3. Install latest
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Hi Jean-Marc,

sorry about that :frowning: I will open a new one with more Information about the case…